Transpose your compliance and quality checking to the QC-BOT

Start building your own quality and compliance BOT

Of all the back-office services in the call centre, QA is arguably the most important and challenging for business operations because of the increasing demands for better customer experiences and increasing regulatory pressures.

Use of AI technology is set to transform the call centre operations over the coming years and use the QC-BOT as your  assistant to help you deliver consistent quality of service with confidence that you are checking all the communications.

We are ready to help you map your current quality check scorecard to QCAAS and start within hours.



How do you welcome your customer or prospect to the business? 

Setting the right tone at the beginning of the conversation conveys care and willingness to help. 

Set out your greetings on our setup template to start checking that all the customers are welcomed  in a consistent manner.


Personal Data Protection

Data Protection Act requires businesses to verify that they are talking to the right person. Inadequate checks can compromise customer confidentiality and expose the business to fines from the regulator and the negative publicity.

Ensure that the questions are asked by the agents and you can use our API options to ensure that the verification is correct.

Personal information (PII) information is now protected under GDPR and businesses have the responsibility to protect this data. QCAAS offers the option to not only identify, but also redact this information from recording.


Opt-in requests

GDPR has forced businesses to ensure that  the customer is agreeable for the business to  share their personal data with other departments and partners.  

You can use the QCAAS template to set out the to checks that the request was clear and the customer provides a positive response.



To convey the brand values in customer conversations requires the employees to identify with these values, so a consistent message is conveyed throughout the conversation.

You can set out your brand values in QCAAS setup so the QC-BOTs are always checking for these values, which may be related to Quality of the product, Customer service, consistency, reliability etc.  

We would recommend a workshop with our consultants to set out the brand values so they are effectively picked up and reported by the QC-BOTs.



Taking payments for products and services is regulated by the  PCI security standards council. New regulations require businesses to hide the card details from the employees, however historical recording may still hold sensitive card information.

QCASS provides the option to redact card sensitive information, where it is credit card or bank account details. You can request the QC-BOTs to check for card information with the option to hide them in the setup for the service.


Compliance/ Vulnerability

Businesses have seen an increase in regulatory controls on how companies use and share customer data. The results are more demands on compliance imposed by regulators with the authority to prosecute senior management and in particular with handling of vulnerable customers.

Identify vulnerable customers and setup the QC-BOT to check ALL customer communications for appropriate handling.

Demonstrate the highest level of care, as proof to auditors and regulators.



Research shows that customer perception at the end of any conversation leaves a lasting impression. The importance of leaving the customer happy with the service is often measured by a number of helpful actions.

Set up the QC-BOT to check for a positive end to calls and also appropriate handling of vulnerable customers.


Customer engagement

It is not easy to measure engagement without human level assessment, however the use of language and flow of conversation gives us some measurement points that can prove very useful aid for the QA managers and auditors.  

QC-BOT  possesses  soft listening  skills that can be improved over time with the use of the in-built machine learning.