Connect to QCASS Platform

QCAAS is your platform for quality and compliance checking. Once registered, you will be to personalise your environment using a template. Once configured and published, you are ready to start. You can make changes to configuration at any time.

There are two ways to start the QCAAS checking.

1. To manually upload the recorded files using a secure link to our hosted platform. You can see the full report on our detailed dashboard and you can download the reports at any time.

2. To use our open APIs to connect directly to QCAAS. The APIs will provide access to entire QCAAS platform allowing your systems to upload and download files and reports.

The template offers users flexibility to checks from agent performance to changing focus on areas of weakness.

For those businesses that outsource the QA function for independent review, we offer a managed service solution using QCASS with data analysts to continually enhance the checks and reporting and changing the service from Reactive checks to Pro-actice actions.

Terms & Conditions

Start checking your records for compliance and quality.

Please review the Terms of the QCAAS Service. Any queries regarding the T&C should be referred to

Terms of Service

All you need to access QCAAS is  an internet browser . You do not need any technical knowledge to use this service.  We will support you to simplify the process to use our QC-BOTs with immediate Return on Investment.

Managed Service


Our platform is hosted in the United Kingdom. Your data is accessible only to you and access to the platform is available on completing the online registration process. 

We offer a managed service to continually enhance the use of QCAAS to change the behaviour of support staff  by delivering new insights that are important to the business.

Integrated QCAAS


Our full set of open APIs are available to you on registration. 

Our technical team of 100 developers and consultants are available  to support you and to help you to integrate your systems to QCAAS.

   Remote technical support is available on Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm excluding bank holidays