QCAAS is a self-service AI platform for Quality Assurance and Compliance. Register for an account and you will be provided a step by step guide to setup your own QC-BOT. 

We are available to help you through the set-up process and our consultants can also help you to translate your requirements to QCAAS with a programme of improvement to provide an invaluable quality platform.

Using our QC-BOT setup template, outline the checks that are important to you and we would recommend that to start with mapping the existing Quality checking scorecard on to QCAAS and enhance these with additional feature available. This will provide instant  results from QC-BOT that you can compare for quality and cost.

Set up an account

You need to register an account to set up your QC-BOT. The pricing will be shared with you after registration.



3 step registration process 

  1. Your personal and company information
  2.  Your requirements
  3. Agree T&C and commercials


Complete the setup template which outlines all the checks that you are looking for your QC-BOT to verify.

You can request an integrated service using our APIs at this stage.

Uploading files

Once registered, we will provide you with your unique transfer ID to upload your voice and data files for checking. 

All the reports will be available on our dashboard and for you to download.

QA reports

The compliance reports will be presented back to the business in CSV file format. If redaction service was requested, the updated files will be delivered to the location provided by the business.

You will have the ability to also retain the  files on our hosted platform.

Making changes

Administrators will have the ability make changes to the setup template at any time. These changes will become active when published.

Our support is available during normal working hours.

Detailed Dashboard

Registered users will be able to view conversation details on the  QCAAS dashboard which can be used for ad-hoc queries for additional insights.

Authorised users will be able to download these details.